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Yankees Rumors and Gossip 9/25/15: Bryce Harper, future Yankee?

It's that time again: prepare yourself for two things that are at this point monthly events—speculation about Bryce Harper's future as a Yankee, and speculation about Derek Jeter's investments.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Money: it buys things. Crates full of white chocolate-coated Reese's peanut butter cups, for instance. Or abandoned malls. Or Bryce Harper's services, when he becomes a free agent in 2019. (All three of these options are equally appealing, but if you were to put a gun to my head to make me choose one—and why would you do that, you monster—I'd say that of course I'd choose Harper, but I'd secretly go for the Reese's.) Recently Scott Boras felt the need to remind us he is Bryce Harper's agent, which led to a bout of semi-informed speculation about where Bryce Harper is likely to end up when he finally hits the market.

We discuss that, and the latest, hottest, most essentialest Derek Jeter news on the latest episode of Out of Left Field, our podcast about Yankees rumors and gossip. Stream the show here:

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In today's show we discussed:

  • Dellin Betances—Betances, the Yankees' most valuable reliever this year, has run into some major control issues as of late, and that's going to cause an issue for Joe Girardi if he wanted to, say, deploy Betances in a wild card playoff game. Explained Betances: "[I] just feel like my timing’s off, my mechanics. . . . I feel like I’m breaking my hands a little late. I just got to work on it in practice and obviously it’s frustrating but I’m limiting the damage, but I can’t keep doing it."
  • Bryce Harper—Scott Boras stirred up speculation when he said recently of Bryce Harper, "As time goes on, there are economic decisions to make. We'll see what's ahead for Bryce." ESPN's Buster Olney is one who believes it is "inevitable" Harper will exit free agency via a giant contract from the Yankees. Harper, who is amazing (41 HR/.472 OBP/205 wRC+/9.8 WAR this season), would be even more amazing with the short porch in Yankee Stadium, assuming he keeps good form as he approaches free agency. Olney speculates "Harper's price could be north of $40 million a year, so long as he stays healthy," and that Harper "could damage record books driving balls to right field [in Yankee Stadium]."
  • Derek Jeter—In what can only be the furthering of his plot to take over the world media mogul-style à la the dumb villain in Tomorrow Never Dies, Derek Jeter has invested in a company specializing in large-scale video conferencing. He'll claim it's connected to The Players' Tribune, but we know the truth, Derek. We're heading for an Orwellian future where TVs only play Derek Jeter highlights, and the word 'hello' is replaced with 'yeah Jeets.'

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