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Yankees Rumors and Gossip 9/23/15: Have the Yankees already ruled out a play for David Price?

We consider whether the Yankees can afford to not make a run at David Price this offseason. Closer to home, the Yankees front office is glowing about Greg Bird—no surprises there, as he's carried the team over the past few games.

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The Yankees didn't sign Max Scherzer last year. I hear you thinking two things: a) you're no genius Matthew because that is abundantly self-evident, and b) does that even mean anything because that was then and this is now. Well, I think it does mean something. Because if they weren't willing to make a run on Scherzer last year, will they be willing to make a run on Price in a few months once the season is done? The answer to that question is no, according to Joel Sherman. He thinks the Yankees are done with the big contract game, at least for the near future.

We wonder whether the team can afford to do that (and wonder about some other things too) on the latest episode of Out of Left Field, our podcast about Yankees rumors and gossip. Stream the show here:

Sadly, technical issues on my end prevented Tanya from joining me via Skype (thanks for hammering Netflix, neighborhood kids!), but we hope these will be resolved tomorrow. You can follow me on Twitter here, and you can follow Tanya on Twitter here.

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In today's show we discussed:

  • David Price—Price will be the premier free agent on the market this offseason. He would be the ace the Yankees don't necessarily have right now. Masahiro Tanaka was certainly signed to fill that role, but Tanaka hasn't even been the best starter on the team this year (that honor would arguably go to Nathan Eovaldi or perhaps Michael Pineda). But Joel Sherman suggests the Yankees won't bite because they don't want to give Price the years and money it would take to get him aboard.
  • Greg Bird—Good news for Greg Bird: the Yankees front office is positively in love with him. It's not hard to see why—he's been thrust into the spotlight in a high-leverage race packed with high-leverage games, and he's done great. Said Cashman, in an elaborate, lengthy, and comprehensive piece of analysis: "I'm a big fan."

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