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MLB Trade Deadline: Which teams might be sellers?

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Where should the Yankees shop for upgrades this summer?

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As we near the All-Star Break the Yankees look to have a better shot at the playoffs than they have at this time in either of the past two years. They're a game and a half up in the AL East where no one has stepped up as a clear favorite and if the season ended today they'd be facing Kansas City in the ALDS. If there's ever to be a year when the Yankees find themselves sellers, this isn't it, but what about the rest of the league? Baseball's not quite as competitively balanced in 2015 as it has been of late with several teams are hanging on to postseason hopes only by a thread or worse. Let's go division-by-division to check on which clubs are far enough out to make notable names available this month. The playoff odds included are via Fangraphs.

AL East

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Yankees 44 38 - 65.9%
Orioles 43 40 1.5 33.1%
Rays 43 41 2.0 20.5%
Blue Jays 43 42 2.5 37.1%
Red Sox 39 45 6.0 23.5%

In baseball's most competitive division, everyone's very much alive except for the Red Sox who've seen the massive contracts they handed out to Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez and Rick Porcello last winter mostly go up in smoke. It's hard to see Boston making a deal with their arch rivals, but they may look to move expiring contracts like Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino and Koji Uehara. Ben Cherington could even sell high on Clay Buchholz as the 30-year old right-hander attempts to achieve his first 30-start season ever.

AL Central

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Royals 46 33 - 71.4%
Twins 44 39 4.0 16.8%
Tigers 42 40 5.5 30.6%
Indians 38 44 9.5 21.4%
White Sox 37 43 9.5 6.2%

The Indians and White Sox are the losers here despite much off-season activity for the latter. Both have potentially available players the Yankees could use. In Cleveland, Mike Aviles would upgrade a muddled middle infield picture and Ryan Raburn could provide a versatile right-handed bench bat. Brian Cashman reportedly came up just short in his attempt to acquire Jeff Samardzija from a different Chicago team last summer, and while Alexei Ramirez has been all kinds of awful in 2015, he has a solid track record is well-regarded defensively at short.

AL West

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Astros 49 36 - 80.0%
Angels 44 38 3.5 60.6%
Rangers 41 42 7.0 7.7%
Mariners 38 45 10.0 18.2%
A's 38 47 11.0 6.8%

Teams in the AL West might be somewhat reluctant to call it a season if they don't believe the upstart Astros can maintain their surprising lead. Things don't look great for the Rangers, but they may keep pushing as long as they're hovering around .500. But this was always going to be a rebuilding year for Billy Beane and the A's, and that means Ben Zobrist and Scott Kazmir, two popular names in Yankee-related banter are good bets to change uniforms.

Up the coast, someone impersonating Robinson Cano has helped drag the Mariners far beneath their preseason projections. Seattle's bigger names are signed to long-term deals, but if we're to believe persistent rumor, Brian Cashman has some kind of thing for infielder/outfielder Dustin Ackley. Hisashi Iwakuma, has battled injury, but could be a boost to someone's rotation if he comes back strong. JA Happ, who the Yankees are more than familiar with from his time in Toronto, could also be a starting pitching possibility.

NL East

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Nationals 46 37 - 93.3%
Mets 43 41 3.5 20.2%
Braves 41 42 5.0 3.3%
Marlins 35 48 11.0 0.9%
Phillies 28 57 19.0 0.0%

It's felt like the Nationals were winning this division even when they weren't. Going from the bottom up, the Phillies have finally brought in someone competent in Andy McPhail to make baseball decisions, so they may be ready for actual trade talk rather than Ruben Amaro Jr. flimflamming. Cole Hamels is the name to watch at the other end of the Turnpike and Chase Utley's recent DL stint has made him a more tenable target since it now seems possible he'll fall short of 500 plate appearances, meaning his $15 million option for 2016 won't vest. Of course, having Chase Utley, Chase Headley and Chase Whitley all in the same organization might make the universe explode.

The Marlins and Braves are also in the sell zone, meaning guys like Mat Latos, Dan Haren and Martin Prado in Florida and Juan Uribe, Cameron Maybin and Jason Grilli in Atlanta should be fair game. Sandy Alderson and the Mets are trying to keep afloat with the fourth worst offense in the game. They might not be sellers in the traditional sense, but they will be looking to trade pitching for hitting, so Jon Neise and ageless wonder Bartolo Colon could be had.

NL Central

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Cardinals 54 28 - 99.1%
Pirates 48 34 6.0 91.2%
Cubs 44 37 9.5 69.9%
Reds 37 44 16.5 0.3%
Brewers 36 49 19.5 0.3%

Johnny Cueto can wear a hat with them best of ‘em and he also happens to be a pretty good pitcher. A free agent to be, he's likely to be shopped along with Reds teammates like Mike Leake, Aroldis Chapman, Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce. The Brewers are also dead and buried in a top-heavy central race. There aren't a ton of desirables in Milwaukee, but relievers Francisco Rodriguez and Will Smith could be interesting. Jean Segura is a human being who plays shortstop. Carlos Gomez and Aramis Ramirez should garner discussion, too, though they aren't ideal fits in the Bronx.

NL West

Wins Losses Games Back Playoff Odds
Dodgers 47 37 - 95.7%
Giants 42 42 5.0 16.8%
Diamondbacks 40 42 6.0 3.6%
Padres 39 46 8.5 5.2%
Rockies 35 47 11.0 0.1%

The Padres played Dr. Frankenstein last winter, patching together a bunch of parts that didn't really jive. Now they've meandered into sell territory as they sit 7.5 games out of the West lead and 7 short of the second wildcard. Justin Upton's a pending free agent who San Diego probably can't afford, so he might be on the move again as could quality starters like Tyson Ross and Andrew Cashner. Jedd Gyorko is an infielder with some lingering promise who was jettisoned to the minors earlier this year and for the oddly high number of Yankee fans still pining for the glory days of Yangervis Solarte...hey, here's your chance.

Cashman's dipped into the Diamondbacks' well three times in the past year, adding Brandon McCarthy, Martin Prado and Didi Gregorius. Arizona's on the fringe of competitiveness for now, but the Yankees could tap them again, perhaps by taking a chance on second baseman Aaron Hill or bolstering the pen with Brad Ziegler. The Rockies are well on their way to a fifth straight losing season. They've got a Troy something-or-other who tends to find his way into fantastical trade scenarios.