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Yankees trade rumors: New York has no interest in Aaron Hill

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In lieu of some kind of juicy rumor, we at least have our first non-rumor as the Yankees are believed to have no interest in Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill. The team might want to upgrade at second base, but it seems they aren't willing to do anything and everything to do it. The Yankees briefly raised interest last year and Jon Heyman had (for some reason) decided recently that the two made sense together. Now he's, thankfully, changed his story.

While it might be believed that any warm body is an improvement over Stephen Drew, that's actually not true because Hill is having just as bad a season–if you can believe it. Hill has hit .221/.294/.326 and has a -0.3 WAR, while Drew has hit .185/.260/.371 with a -0.2 WAR on the season. Basically, though Hill has the "better" numbers, Drew has more power. Another extremely bad reason to acquire Arizona's second baseman? He's still under contract for the 2016 season at a whopping $12 million, which is basically like having Stephen Drew for another season and paying him more than double what he's already making to do what he's already been doing.

It's obviously pretty easy to see that Aaron Hill is a bad idea, but just the fact that the Yankees aren't even kicking the tires on a potential deal should show you how they're handling the second base situation. While they likely know that Hill is not a good acquisition, they're also not willing to waste their time searching through the garbage pile like Brian Cashman has done over the last few years. It's either clear upgrade or nothing at all–there will be no Vernon Wells trades happening any time soon. At least one can hope not.

The Yankees will look into Ben Zobrist, but if that deal turns out to be too costly, it's very likely they will simply stick to what they have and perhaps use Rob Refsnyder in some capacity in order to improve the position without harming themselves in the long term. So now that we know who they aren't interested in, can we please get a rumor about who they actually might want?