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Yankees trade rumors: NYY interested in Buchholz and Samardzija

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CBS New York reports that the Yankees have shown interest in starting pitchers Clay Buchholz and Jeff Samardzija.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

According to CBS New York, the Yankees, in need of some help in the rotation, have shown interest in Jeff Samardzija and Clay Buchholz. With the struggles of CC Sabathia alive and well, the Yankees will look to bolster their rotation at the trade deadline.

Last night's outing for Sabathia wasn't particularly horrible, but it's very evident that age is slowly catching up with Sabathia. He has a 5.59 ERA on the season with a 4.58 FIP in 95 innings so far. With the recent return of Ivan Nova and the designation of Adam Warren to the bullpen, the Yankees rotation is set, barring a trade. The Samardzija and Buchholz rumors come just after the Yankees had sent scouts to watch Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake, so it's very clear that the Yankees are adamant in getting a new pitcher.

So far this season, the Red Sox have been horrible, but Buchholz can't be blamed. He currently sports a 3.48 ERA with a 2.67 FIP, as well as an 8.55 K/9 rate and a 2.05 BB/9 rate. Buchholz has had a career year in terms of letting up hard-hit balls (23.9%), and hitters make contact with his pitches only 77.7% of the time. He has also had to deal with sub-par defense in Boston, as the Red Sox have 45 errors on the year. As far as the White Sox pitcher goes, Samardzija hasn't pitched as well as he did last season, but he's still a solid top-of-the-rotation guy. His ERA is at 4.56 (3.66 FIP), with lower K/9 and BB/9 rates than Buchholz (7.29, 1.66 respectively).

Of course, many Yankees fans are going to be really hesitant to trade for the top starter of a rival club, like Buchholz has been. After all, the comments on a possible Papelbon trade were full of hot takes. Buchholz hasn't turned out to be the ace he was expected to be, but maybe getting out of that zoo in Boston might ease his mind a bit. Meanwhile, Samardzija has been inconsistent this season, where he sometimes shows signs of the ace he can be, while at other times struggling mightily. Samardzija also gives up a good amount of contact (81.1%), while giving up hard-hit balls 26.1% of the time. His HR/9 is at 0.99, so the shorter fences in the Bronx may not be good for him.

Most Yankee fans can't stand Buchholz, or any Red Sox player, but if Boston is ready to part ways, should the Yankees take a look? And for Samardzija, would the Yankees be smart to see what Chicago would want for him, or will the return be too steep?