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Yankees trade rumors: New York reportedly working on deal to get Starlin Castro

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees haven't been connected to too many rumors so far in the Winter Meetings, and this rumor isn't even a full-sized rumor, but the team is reportedly working on a deal with the Cubs that would bring Starlin Castro to New York. Castro's name has been connected to the Yankees more than once in the past, so hearing that they might be interested again is no real surprise.

We have no idea right now what the return would be, but Castro is owed a hefty sum for the remainder of his contract so it is unlikely that the team would have to part with too much if they are willing to eat his salary. However, the team has been shying away from adding on big contracts that have been available on the free agent market this offseason, and those players are all better than what Castro would bring to the table. On that account, it's a bit puzzling.

General Manager Brian Cashman said he was prepared to go into the season with a platoon of Rob Refsnyder and Dustin Ackley at second base unless a better option presented itself. Maybe he thinks that Castro is that better option. Castro will turn 26 next year and is signed through 2019 with an option year after that before becoming a free agent. He batted .265/.296/.375 with 11 home runs for the Cubs last season. He rates well defensively, something that the Yankees have had concerns about with Refsnyder. We know that they have valued that highly as of late, so it might explain their interest.

What would you be willing to part with in return for Castro? Do you think he would be an upgrade over the Refsnyder/Ackley platoon?