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Yankees acquire Aroldis Chapman: Media reactions

The Yankees have just added another elite bullpen piece. How is the media reacting to this move?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

When Brian Cashman traded Justin Wilson to the Yankees for Luis Cessa and Chad Green, he made one comment that left people wondering exactly what he had up his sleeve and why he was okay with breaking up a pretty good bullpen. "I'm also not done" were his exact words. Today, we learned exactly what he had up his sleeve. He traded Wilson for minor league starting pitching depth, then came from nowhere and traded some decent prospects for not just any elite reliever, but one of the best in the game. Rookie Davis is probably the player being sent to the Reds that has the most potential, but seeing as he's still a long way away from pitching in the majors, his future is far from certain.

On a pure baseball level, this is a very good trade for the Yankees; however, it comes with a lot of baggage because of Chapman's domestic violence history and it makes the trade very hard to be happy about. As much as one can drool at the thought of a Betances-Miller-Chapman bullpen, one has to wonder exactly what Cashman and company were thinking when they traded for a player with his history. One of the biggest reasons Cashman had for pulling the trigger was that Chapman's price probably went down significantly. The question remains as to whether this move will be one the Yankees end up regretting. Here's how Twitter is reacting to the trade:

Even though there's a lot of baggage that comes with Chapman now, Cashman says the team has done its due diligence on Chapman. I'm sure there's more to the whole story than what's come out so far, and it seems like the Yankees have looked into this deeply and are very aware of the move they're making. All we can hope for is that the team knows what its doing. Nonetheless, he's likely to be suspended for this--it's just a matter for how long.

Well if he doesn't complete a "full season" Chapman could end up being more than just a rental, so that could help keep this now super bullpen together even longer. I guess the way they look at it is, if he's suspended for 46+ games, they'll get him for another year and if he's suspended for less, then they just have a three-headed monster for a decent amount of the season.

Honestly, even though he "intends" on keeping Miller, I'm sure he's still available in the right trade. As long as Cashman gets his asking price. Betances could even be moved (not in addition to Miller) as long as Cashman gets blown away by an offer. I wouldn't say anything is out of the realm of possibility, but it's probably unlikely the Cashman gets the price he wants.

For his part, at least Miller is being a good sport about this and saying the right things.

Again, if one were to being drooling about just the pure baseball part of this trade and the possibilities for this Yankees bullpen, I would not blame them. This trio could be straight filthy.

Some of the players involved in the trade have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts. While Cotham and Davis seem like they're not exactly sure what to think, former Yankee Jake Cave (taken by the Reds in the Rule 5 draft earlier this month) is excited about reuniting with old teammates. Jagielo and Renda seem to at least be making the best of this trade. Then again, who wouldn't get excited for chili?