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What's next for the Yankees after the Starlin Castro and Justin Wilson trades?

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman pulled off two trades at this week's Winter Meetings in Nashville, sending Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan to Chicago for Starlin Castro and flipping Justin Wilson to Detroit for two pitching prospects. Immediately following the Wilson trade Cashman said he wasn't done making moves. What other acquisitions can we expect from the Yankees this offseason?

Trading away Wilson could mean that the Yankees are more likely to keep Andrew Miller on the team in 2016. With closers like Craig Kimbrel and Ken Giles receiving huge returns for their teams in trades, it is understandable that the Yankees would see if anyone was willing to part with something similar for the American League's best closer from 2015. Another piece that the team has been dangling is Brett Gardner. Teams that miss out on the big name free agent outfielders, or a team not willing to spend the big money it will take to obtain one of their services, could be a good landing spot for the outfielder if the Yankees feel like they can get by with the Aaron Hicks/Slade Heathcott/Mason Williams trio of outfielders in his place. Cashman has said that he is perfectly willing to hang onto Gardner for 2016, but it sort of feels inevitable that he will be moved at some point. If the team doesn't find a suitable return this winter they could always explore trade options at the deadline once they see more of Aaron Judge at Triple-A.

Another spot the Yankees may want to look for an upgrade is a backup third baseman. The current option would likely be Pete Kozma, who the Yankees signed to a minor league deal. He's sort of a Brendan Ryan type player, so Kozma would probably be good enough if no other option presents itself. With serious concerns about whether or not Eric Jagielo is destined to stick at third base, the system is pretty thin behind Chase Headley. Hopefully they can find a suitable backup plan.

Cashman has said all offseason that his biggest goal is trading for a starting pitcher. Jose Fernandez's price tag is almost certainly too high for the Yankees who are unwilling to part with the likes of Luis Severino or Greg Bird. The Indians have been rumored to be shopping some of their starting pitching, but it's unclear whether or not the Yankees actually have something they want in return for the likes of Carlos Carrasco or Danny Salazar. Johnny Cueto is still on the market, as well as Mike Leake, but free agent contracts have been super spendy this year and the Yankees don't seem willing to take on that kind of payroll. Seeing if someone wants to part with a young, controllable pitcher in return for a package headlined by Gardner seems like the most likely option. Rob Refsnyder could also very well be on the move after the acquisition of Castro. The Yankees have not demonstrated confidence in giving Refsnyder the second base job whenever the opportunity to do so has been there, so it's unlikely that he really has a place now that the position has been filled via trade.

The team could also look for relief pitchers to soften the blow of losing Warren and Wilson, but the bullpen is definitely the one place the Yankees have depth already in their system. Jacob Lindgren, Tyler Webb, Nick Rumbelow, Nick Goody, and James Pazos all saw major league time in 2015, and could be in a good position to win a spot on the team out of spring training. The Yankees always seem to find strong relief options, so worrying too much about the state of the bullpen before the end of the year seems premature. That is the upside to relievers being mostly interchangeable.

Where else would you like to see the Yankees upgrade this offseason? What area of the team do you think they should focus on strengthening first?