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Yankees trade rumors: Braves asked for Luis Severino for Shelby Miller

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With the Atlanta Braves currently trading away anything and everything that isn't bolted to the floor, talks for 25-year-old Shelby Miller have heated up. CBS Sports' Jon Heyman has heard that the Braves reportedly asked the Yankees for Luis Severino in return for Miller, though talks have not progressed beyond that stage. The likely story is that the Yankees are not interested in acquiring Miller at that price after they have been adamant about not trading Severino away. Still, it shows their interest in acquiring a starting pitcher via trade, which has long been the team's reported goal this offseason, and a deal could still happen for a lower price.

The Braves are, understandably, asking top dollar for their young pitcher. Miller pitched to a 3.02 ERA with a similar FIP in 2015, but his W-L numbers were pretty hideous because he was saddled pitching for the Braves. With three years left to go before free agency, the team can expect to receive a decent package for their pitcher. They reportedly asked the Miami Marlins for a deal centered around Marcell Ozuna and the Dodgers for a package headlined by Joc Pederson. Miller is still with the Braves, obviously, so neither team was willing to give up what Atlanta was asking.

After their offseason fire sale, the front office in Atlanta knows that the Braves aren't competing this year. Whether or not they feel the pressure to take a lesser deal in order to ship off Miller and prepare for the future with a package of decent prospects remains to be seen. His value is likely at its highest now, coming off a great season with three years of team control left to offer. The Braves wouldn't be in the market for a Brett Gardner, who the Yankees seem to be willing to part with. They might have to give away someone like Jorge Mateo if they want a deal to get done.

Seeing as the Yankees are pretty clearly not interested in giving up Severino for Miller, who is the best prospect you'd be willing to trade away in the system? Do you think it's worth it to pursue Miller strongly in the first place?