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Pinstripe Alley 2016 free agent signing predictions

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Free agency is here and before everyone signs, here is where we guess where they will end up for the 2016 season and beyond. The PSA staff made their best predictions below:

Jason Caitlin Harlan Matt F. Josh Matt P. Kunj Martin Tanya Greg Andrew Nikhil Scott Right Answer
Yoenis Cespedes Angels Mets Tigers Mets Tigers Giants Tigers Mets Angels Mets Marlins Twins Angels Mets
Wei-Yin Chen Rangers Yankees Royals Cubs Yankees Cubs Giants Cubs Yankees Red Sox Mariners Marlins Tigers Marlins
Tyler Clippard Blue Jays Blue Jays Astros Rangers Rangers Astros Tigers Astros Tigers Astros Blue Jays Cubs Blue Jays Diamondbacks
Bartolo Colon Phillies Marlins Athletics Twins Indians Blue Jays Nationals Marlins Mets Mets Phillies Athletics Mets Mets
Johnny Cueto Angels Red Sox Blue Jays Red Sox Red Sox Angels Cubs Cubs Red Sox Red Sox Giants Red Sox Blue Jays Giants
Chris Davis Mariners Mariners Nationals Mariners Mariners Blue Jays Angels Nationals Orioles Orioles Rockies Rangers Cardinals Orioles
Ian Desmond Twins Mariners Padres Mariners Mariners Mets Mariners Mets Mariners White Sox Angels White Sox Mets Rangers
Doug Fister Red Sox Red Sox Pirates Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Padres Padres Yankees Reds Cardinals Astros
Dexter Fowler Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Padres Cubs Cubs Cubs
Yovani Gallardo Red Sox Rangers Rangers Red Sox Rangers Astros Padres Padres Rangers Rangers Nationals Rangers Twins Orioles
Alex Gordon Tigers Royals Red Sox Royals Royals Nationals Royals Mets Nationals Royals Angels Royals Royals Royals
Zack Greinke Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Yankees Dodgers Yankees Yankees Giants Giants Dodgers Diamondbacks
Jason Heyward Cardinals Cardinals Angels Cardinals Cardinals Yankees Tigers Yankees Yankees Angels Dodgers Angels Yankees Cubs
Hisashi Iwakuma Mariners Mariners Mariners Yankees Mariners Yankees Mariners Yankees Mariners Blue Jays Mariners Blue Jays Mariners Mariners
Scott Kazmir Rangers Tigers Red Sox Royals Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Angels Tigers Tigers Dodgers
Howie Kendrick Blue Jays Blue Jays White Sox Dodgers White Sox Mariners Angels Blue Jays Mets Dodgers Yankees White Sox Blue Jays Dodgers
John Lackey Dodgers Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cubs Pirates Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Pirates Cardinals Cubs Cubs
Mike Leake Giants Giants Tigers Giants Giants Cardinals Giants Giants Giants Giants Tigers Giants Giants Cardinals
Daniel Murphy Angels Orioles Orioles Mets Orioles White Sox Mariners Orioles Angels Orioles Brewers Athletics Angels Nationals
Mike Napoli Astros Rangers Indians Rangers Rangers Rays Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers Rays Rangers Indians
Darren O'Day Tigers Red Sox Mets Blue Jays Tigers Dodgers Tigers Yankees Yankees Nationals Tigers Giants Tigers Orioles
Gerardo Parra Orioles Orioles Cardinals Orioles Orioles Mets Orioles Orioles Orioles Cardinals Royals Cardinals Orioles Rockies
David Price Blue Jays Blue Jays Cubs Blue Jays Red Sox Red Sox Dodgers Red Sox Dodgers Blue Jays Cubs Diamondbacks Cubs Red Sox
Colby Rasmus Nationals Astros Astros Astros Astros Orioles Astros Orioles Astros Astros Tigers Astros Astros Astros
Jimmy Rollins Padres Angels Nationals Angels Nationals White Sox Nationals Padres Nationals Phillies Nationals Phillies Phillies White Sox
Jeff Samardzija Tigers White Sox Marlins White Sox White Sox Tigers Pirates Cubs Tigers Pirates Pirates Braves White Sox Giants
Juan Uribe Royals Brewers Mets Brewers Mets Brewers Mets Mets Mets Mets White Sox Angels Pirates Indians
Justin Upton Tigers White Sox Phillies Tigers Tigers Cardinals Yankees Tigers Tigers Tigers Cardinals Padres Tigers Tigers
Matt Wieters Mariners Orioles Braves Orioles Orioles Orioles Orioles Orioles Mariners Orioles Nationals White Sox Orioles Orioles
Jordan Zimmermann Cubs Giants Giants Angels Blue Jays Cardinals Cardinals Blue Jays Angels Yankees Astros Cubs Red Sox Tigers
Ben Zobrist Dodgers Dodgers Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Dodgers Yankees Yankees Nationals Nationals Nationals Dodgers Cubs
3 6 4 7 8 4 5 5 6 9 2 4 8

What about you? Tell us where you think these players will end up signing.