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Cubs firing of Dale Sveum is leverage for Joe Girardi

Scott Halleran

The Chicago Cubs have fired Dale Sveum as their manager, and amid rumors of Joe Girardi leaving the Yankees for Chicago, this is sure to make him happy. I have no doubt that he has no interest in managing in Chicago and moving his family miles away, but he can and probably will use this situation to his advantage.

Buster Olney has already reported that the Yankees will need to offer him a contract north of his currently expiring $3 million deal if they want to retain him. Joe Girardi managed the Yankees to an 85-77 record this season as well as one World Series Championship, three division titles, and a wild card birth in his six years with the team. However, he also presided over the only two teams to not make the playoffs since 1995 and, while his fault is open for debate, an unforgiving Yankees organization might think otherwise.

What the Cubs' managerial opening does for both parties is stall negotiations as Girardi will likely use the rumors as a way to gain leverage in determining his next contract. The Yankees are apparently 'decompressing' as they attempt to figure out their offseason plan and how to turn the organization around. Right now their focus is on the minor league system and determining who is to blame for an underwhelming system.

Girardi has also said that his contract situation should be settled quickly after the end of the season, but what that decision ends up being is yet to be seen.

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