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Yankees prospects: Previewing the 2018 Trenton Thunder

What to expect from the Yankees prospects in Trenton this year.

What to Expect

Unlike Triple-A, the Double-A level is usually where teams keep their best prospects, and it’s here that they typically face the fiercest competition. This year is different, though. For the first time in a long time, it feels like the Trenton Thunder are a bit light on talent. Graduations and trades have sapped this team of notable players, but midseason promotions should refill the roster a bit. That being said, there are some pitchers to watch out for.

Position Players to Watch

Chris Gittens (1B) isn’t anymore than a fringe prospect at this point, but he has shown 20-home run power before. This will be his first full season at Double-A, so he’s at least someone to keep an eye on for now.

Gosuke Katoh (2B) finally had an OPS over .800 last season after three years of disappointment. It could have been a fluke, but he’s still only 23, so he might be finally coming into his own.

Kyle Holder (SS) has not hit much, but he did turn things around during a short stint in Fall Ball and in spring training this year. If he can take that kind of contact with him into the season, he may just have a future after all.

Pitchers to Watch

Domingo Acevedo (RHP) has great stuff coming out of the rotation, but he needs to stay on the field long enough for him to prove it. Last year was his first season throwing over 100 innings, but he missed spring training to injury. Hopefully he can just show up and pitch now.

Justus Sheffield (LHP) is the prized lefty in the organization, but he needs to prove it on the mound. His results have been fine, but after bombing out of spring training and his first start of the season, Sheffield needs to prove that his left arm isn’t the only thing keeping him relevant.

James Reeves (LHP) received some attention last year thanks to a funky delivery that helped him get on the fringe. However, an elbow sprain put him out of action, and as a result the Yankees have made him a reliever. Time will tell where he goes from here, but he could become a big league arm before we know it.

Dillon Tate (RHP) is still a fourth-overall pick trying to regain his stuff and his prospect value. Last year was supposed to be a big year for him, but injury derailed his attempted comeback. Hopefully he can stay healthy in 2018 and prove that he can still be someone of value for the Yankees, whether in the rotation or the bullpen. He’s still only 23, but his unique situation means time is not on his side.