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Who's who at the Yankees instructional league

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Yankees recently announced their instructional league roster, but who are most of these people? Instructs will take place before the fall leagues pick up so the organization can give some players more playing time for various reasons. Some of these guys were injured, some of them struggled, some just got muscled out of starting jobs and others could simply use some extra attention. Here's a brief rundown on who all these guys are:


Domingo Acevedo: A young pitcher who gets plenty of attention for his ability to consistently throw 100 mph and made MLB's top Yankees 30 prospects this year. He mostly played for Staten Island in 2015, but made it to Low-A Charleston for a game.

Chance Adams: Drafted in the fifth round of the 2015 MLB Draft, Adams has already pitched for High-A Tampa and might be the latest fast-moving relief pitcher the Yankees picked up.

Vicente Campos: The prospect returned from Tommy John surgery this year, but didn't do so hot.

Will Carter: Drafted in the 14th round of the 2015 MLB Draft, the right-handed reliever had a decent first professional season with Staten Island.

Cale Coshow: The 2013 draftee did so well this season as a reliever for Charleston and Tampa, that he was put into the starting rotation and eventually made his Double-A debut. The semi-breakout season helped him score a spot on MLB's top 30 Yankees prospect list.

Rookie Davis: Limited by injuries in the early goings of his professional career, Davis hadn't really done much in his first four years as a professional. He finally managed to break out in 2015, reaching Double-A Trenton and earning his place as MLB's no. 12 Yankees prospect.

Gabriel Encinas: A Tommy John survivor, Encinas is still trying to get his legs back under him, but he still has serious control issues.

Dietrich Enns: Converted into a reliever, Enns had some promise before going down with Tommy John surgery. He's since returned and actually put together a good season after getting back up to Tampa.

Anyelo Gomez: This was Gomez's first season in America, but he didn't end up pitching much.

Kyle Haynes: Acquired from the Pirates for Chris Stewart, Haynes proved to be a solid reliever until he was converted into a starter and expereinced mixed results in 2015 between Trenton and Scranton.

James Kaprielian: The Yankees' first-round pick this year got his feet wet in the GCL and Staten Island.

Brody Koerner: Drafted in the 17th round of the 2015 MLB Draft, Koerner had a solid debut season as a closer between Pulaski and Charleston.

Melvin Morla: The 22-year-old "veteran" of the Pulaski Yankees displayed a serious control problem and had a pretty poor season in 2015.

Paddy O`Brien: It was an odd move for the Yankees to draft a college backup catcher, but after converting him into a reliever he's at least someone to keep an eye on.

Eduardo Rivera: In his second year in America, Rivera had the best year of his career as a reliever for the Pulaski Yankees.


Jesus Aparicio: A 21-year-old catcher in rookie ball who can't hit.

Eduardo de Oleo: He's been rattling around the lower levels of the system for a few years now, but he's already 22 and still has no bat to speak of.

Jason Lopez: The 17-year-old catcher just finished his first season in the Dominican Summer League.

Eduardo Navas: This 19-year-old catcher made his American debut this year with the GCL Yankees.

Collin Slaybaugh: Drafted last year, Slaybaugh was used almost exclusively as a center fielder. It wasn't clear if he was still considered a catcher until this year, where he hit decently for a catcher with Low-A Charleston.


Angel Aguilar: The 20-year-old shortstop followed a breakout 2014 campaign in the GCL with an extremely underwhelming showing in Low-A Charleston.

Abiatal Avelino: Primarily a shortstop before this year, Avelino spent a lot of time at second base to make room for Jorge Mateo while the two played together in Charleston and Tampa. Despite finding himself as the 25th best Yankees prospect on MLB's list, Avelino had the worst offensive season of his career in 2015.

Thairo Estrada: After two seasons with Staten Island, Estrada is still only 19 years old. Usually a shortstop, he moved to second base to make room for 2015 pick Kyle Holder.

Dermis Garcia: A member of the organization's 2014 international haul, the third baseman got into a handful of games as the Yankees decided to send him straight to the GCL at the age of 17. He's already ranked as the team's no. 24 prospect by

Wilkerman Garcia: Another international signee, the shortstop performed well in the GCL at only 17.

Chris Gittens: The Yankees' 12th round pick from 2014, Gittens is a slugging first baseman who dominated the GCL this year at the age of 21. Hopefully he can do the same in leagues more appropriate to his age.

Kyle Holder: The team's controversial 30th overall pick in this year's draft, Holder produced some of the worst offensive numbers in the organization. He's somehow ranked as the team's no. 13 prospect by

Jorge Mateo: As the team's no. 3 prospect, Mateo hit well and also led the minors in stolen bases. He might have almost been traded at the deadline, but there's no mistaking that he could end up being very valuable to the organization in just a few years.

Hoy Jun Park: A part of the team's 2014 haul, Park got rave reviews and looked like a pretty solid shortstop prospect despite the numbers not being there at the end of the season. In fact, he's already considered to be within the team's top 20 prospects.

Donny Sands: After signing out of high school as the Yankees' 8th round pick, the third baseman hit so well in in the GCL that he got a small taste of Charleston by the end of the year.

Bo Thompson: He was hit with a suspension after testing positive for PEDs just months after being drafted in 2014. This year in Charleston, his numbers were underwhelming for a first baseman, but at least he had more walks than strikeouts.


Trey Amburgey: After getting drafted in the 13th round this year, the Amburgey exploded at the plate during his time with Staten Island and proved to have one of the strongest debut seasons of the draft class.

Kendall Coleman: This is the his third year playing professionally and it looks like he's finally coming around with the bat.

Ricardo Ferreira: The 20-year-old middle infielder hit well in his second year of the Dominican Summer League.

Jeff Hendrix: The 2015 4th round pick didn't hit much, but he did make some memorable catches in center field for Staten Island.

Jhalan Jackson: Another outfielder for Staten Island, the 2015 7th round pick actually hit pretty well and had one of the more impressive professional debuts of the draft class.

Erick Mendez: The 19-year-old outfielder had a good offensive season in his second year of the Dominican Summer League.

Leonardo Molina: He was given an aggressive push last year as a 16-year-old in the GCL, but the bat, understandably, didn't show up. This year, he's still young for the league, but the offense is at least starting to catch up. There's a reason he's ranked as the no. 30 prospect in the system.

Alexander Palma: Last year he hit well as an 18-year-old in the GCL, but this year the Palma struggled in his first taste of Low-A.

Carlos Vidal: At the age of 19, Vidal completely skipped the GCL and went right to Pulaski where he hit well. He should be an interesting name to follow next year.

Zack Zehner: Taken in the 14th round this year, Zehner didn't hit too well for a college outfielder with Staten Island.