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Yankees to send six players to the Arizona Fall League

There aren't too many surprises here, but they'll be interesting to monitor this fall.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

To those unfamiliar, the Arizona Fall League is a league where a team's prospects can go to get some extra development time. These are usually players in the upper levels of the minors, and front offices hope that these players will gain that one extra step to propel them forward the following year.

According to Josh Norris of Baseball America, the Yankees have made their selection. They will send Chaz Hebert, Tyler Webb, Gary Sanchez, Eric Jagielo, Tyler Wade and Dustin Fowler to the fall league, and as I mentioned, there are few surprises here. Sanchez is the first obvious candidate for some more playing time. After suffering a hamstring injury to end his season, it makes perfect sense to give him some extra development, especially against some very competitive pitching. He's had a very good year so far, putting up a 146 wRC+ in 35 games at Triple-A Scranton. He'll also get more reps behind the plate, a place where he has had struggles in the past.

Jagielo is yet another that makes perfect sense; after injuring his knee on a slide into home on June 16th, Jagielo has had serious problems returning to the field. There was also the possibility of arthroscopic knee surgery, but it looks like he'll get a chance to play. He hit very well in his time at Double-A Trenton (.284/.347/.495 in 58 games), so making up for lost time is huge as he heads into a very important 2016 season.

Both Fowler and Wade spent a significant amount of time at High-A Tampa this season, and Wade was promoted to Double-A at the beginning of August. Both also had similar batting lines at High-A (119 wRC+ and 117 wRC+, respectively), so it'll be interesting to see how they perform against better pitching. Wade has shown to be a very good shortstop, and Fowler has proven to have good instincts in the outfield, so they'll look to continue that defensive development.

Hebert and Webb are a couple of pitchers that will get the nod. Hebert is a starter by trade, and he's made it as far as Triple-A this season, putting up a couple of good starts there. He spent most of the season, though, in High-A, where he put up a 2.95 ERA/3.27 FIP in 106.2 innings. Webb is a name that many of us know already, and he's an obvious candidate for the bullpen in 2016. He's had a 2.84 ERA/3.23 FIP in 38 innings at Triple-A this season, so I think the organization is hoping to get him a few more innings so they can evaluate him in the offseason, It's unclear whether he'll start with the team in the spring, but he'll get a fair shot.

You can find the rest of the roster on the AZL's site, and these games will be televised on MLB Network.