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Yankees Prospects: Aaron Judge and Luis Severino make Baseball America Top 50

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The midseason accolades continue for the Bronx Bombers' top prospects.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One day after Baseball Prospectus placed outfielder Aaron Judge and pitcher Luis Severino on their Top 50 Midseason Prospects list, Baseball America followed suit. The two elite Yankees prospects enjoyed promotions to the system's highest level in Scranton during the first half, and some of the industry's top analysts have clearly noticed their success as well.

Like BP, Baseball America ranked Judge the 13th overall prospect in baseball, and they put him higher than any other pure outfield prospect in the game, certainly a lofty honor. (Rangers slugger Joey Gallo ranked third, but at the moment he is listed as a third base/outfield prospect.) Hitting .298/.393/.486 with 79 extra base hits over 209 minor league games is sure to attract attention, and the fact that scouts love Judge's tools and makeup only improve his profile. BA added "There aren't many 6-foot-7, 270 pound outfielders, but Judge's plate discipline adds to his power." He was also placed just ahead of top Mets prospect Michael Conforto, who was 14th overall. Imagine how exciting that cross-town player debate could be in years to come if both players pan out.

Close behind Judge is his teammate Severino, who Baseball America ranked 17th overall, 11 spots ahead of where BP put the 21-year-old righty. Like Judge, Severino has made a remarkably quick ascent through the Yankees' system, zooming from Low-A to Scranton in just about a year. Listed generously at six feet even, there have been concerns about his body and delivery, but BA offers encouragement: "Yes he's undersized, but Severino's stuff matches up against almost anyone in the minors." Severino's repertoire is pretty awesome, and his minor league career 2.33 ERA & 1.038 WHIP offer a glimpse at his potential. He is not far away from the Bronx.

Prior to the start of the season, Judge and Severino were ranked 53rd and 35th, respectively, on BA's Top 100, so both players made considerable jumps. Such advances were partially due to the promotions of top-tier talent like Kris Bryant and company, but it's still a testament to their work. Here's hoping we see them continue their awesome work.