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Yankees prospects: Luis Severino and Aaron Judge make's midseason top 100 list

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 season has been a fantastic year for Yankees prospects. It's been an unfortunate one for a few injured players, but the ones who have stayed healthy have thrived in the minors. You can make an argument that none have thrived more than Luis Severino and Aaron Judge have this year. seems to agree as they place both on their midseason top 100 list with Severino ranked no. 16 and Judge no. 21 overall. It shouldn't surprise anyone to see these two as the Yankees' representatives on the list, but it is cool to see how high they rank overall.

Their high rankings mean that Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis believe Severino is the third-best right-handed pitching prospect behind only Lucas Giolito of the Nationals and Tyler Glasnow of the Pirates, and is the no. 4 pitcher overall. They also rank Judge as the fourth-best outfield prospect behind Byron Buxton of the Twins, Nomar Mazara of the Rangers, and Michael Conforto of the Mets. Since Buxton and Conforto have already reached the majors this season, it's possible Judge will only work his way up that list in the coming months and might soon become the top outfield prospect in baseball before he eventually gets the call.

On their pre-season list, Callis and Mayo ranked Severino no. 23 and Judge no. 68 overall, making this a huge jump for them in just half a season. Judge, especially, has seen his value skyrocket after another great season at the plate and he's bridged the gap between him and Severino. Despite not making the top 100 list, Gary Sanchez ranks as their no. 9 catching prospect, Greg Bird is their no. 5 first base prospect, and Eric Jagielo is their no. 8 third base prospect. Things are looking up for the Yankees minor league system and here's the proof.