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Yankees spring training: New York cuts four more from major league camp

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have announced another round of cuts, proving that they're thinning the herd rather quickly at this point. Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, Nick Rumbelow, and Jose De Paula have all been reassigned to minor league camp, and while Rumbelow maybe have had the best chance of making the team, none of them were exactly favorites.

Tyler Austin will likely end up in Triple-A this season and will provide depth at right field and first base. He's proven that he's over the wrist injury, so if he remains healthy he should continue to push through the system and make his way to the majors in some capacity before too long. Mason has long been a disappointment, but he hit .357/.412/.714 in 17 plate appearances this spring and showed that his glove is still at an elite level. While this is encouraging to see, he'll still probably end up in Double-A again and continue to struggle at the plate. The success of these two outfielders could be very important to the 2015 season now that Jacoby Ellsbury is already dealing with an injury and Carlos Beltran is Carlos Beltran.

Going into camp, Nick Rumbelow, Tyler Webb, and Jacob Lindgren were some of the more exciting names this spring training because of their apparent ability to make the team at some point this year. Webb was cut after he struggled, while Rumbelow pitched pretty well in a handful of innings, and now only Lindgren remains. Despite his reassignment, it's very likely we haven't seen the last of Rumbelow in 2015. Jose De Paula was never going to make the major league roster out of spring training, and the hope is we never have to see him at any point during the season either, otherwise something has gone terribly wrong. He will be part of the Triple-A rotation and provide starting pitching depth for the rest of the season.

Cutting Rumbelow leaves Lindgren and Danny Burawa as the last remaining relief prospects in major league camp and with Mason and Austin out, that leaves Slade Heathcott and Ramon Flores as the only two outfield prospects still around. If you're hopeful that a prospect will make the team, you'll likely be disappointed, but if injuries occur these are some of the guys to at least keep your eyes on.

Update: Wilking Rodriguez and Danny Burawa have also been reassigned to minor league camp.