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Yankees 2015 Roster Report Card: Brady Lail

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Grade: B

2015 Statistics: Double-A - 106.1 IP, 2.45 ERA, Triple-A - 37.0 IP, 4.62 ERA

2016 Contract Status: Rookie; Non-40

Brady Lail managed to dominate at the Double-A level in 2015, despite being just 21 years old. His name is not one that people are going to immediately recognize like a Luis Severino, but the tremendous season Lail was able to put together at what is considered to be by many the most difficult level of the minors has definitely put him on the radar for 2016 and beyond. Lail doesn't have the dominant stuff to be a top prospect like Severino, but what he does have are the results to make him someone to keep an eye on going forward.

The Yankees don't have a lot of intriguing pitching options at the upper levels of the minors now that Severino has graduated to the big leagues. Guys like Eric Ruth and Lail aren't going to blow anyone away and make scouts see a future frontline starter with their stuff, but Lail's dominance of the Eastern League proved that he has the repertoire to get out more advanced hitters even with his fastball that doesn't light up the radar gun.

Every team needs a group of solid guys who can go out there and get hitters out. Maybe they come in the form of Adam Warren or a future Lail, going less heralded than their flashier counterparts, but getting the job done is ultimately what matters. Whether or not Lail can find that same success at the Triple-A level in 2016 is yet to be seen. He has the polish to do so, certainly, but he's far from a sure thing, as all pitching prospects are. He didn't find a ton of success their in his first taste of the minors' highest level in 2015, and his extraordinarily low strikeout rate may be something to keep an eye on as he tries to crack the majors at some point in 2016 or 2017. Still, he obviously found a way to make what he's working with work for the Trenton Thunder, so there's every chance he can continue to do the same as he climbs the ladder to the big leagues.

It's sometimes hard and unfair to judge a prospect that doesn't come with all the fanfare of an Aaron Judge or Severino, but guys like Lail find a way to be important to teams, especially when the team is trying to build from within like the Yankees seem to be moving toward. If Lail manages to impress again at the Triple-A level next season it shouldn't be long before he finds a way to make a start or two in the Bronx.