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Ranking the strangest items for sale in the Yankees' minor league team stores

Minor league baseball remains the best.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece examining the weirdest items in the the team stores of all the various Yankees' minor league affiliates. Two years on, the merchandise has been updated and I decided to go back in and take a look at some more of the odd items for sale.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders

3. Boba Fett Star Wars Tee

I appreciate a pun as much as anyone else, but I'm not sure what this has to do with the team other than saying "Scranton/Wilkes-Barre" in small font at the bottom.

2. Toddler Future RailRiders Hat

I live quite close to the RailRiders' stadium, and I totally get wanting to root for the hometown team. But who on earth wants to put their child in a hat proclaiming that they're going to play Triple-A baseball? If you're going to make that claim with clothing choices, just go all the way and put them in a "Future Yankee" hat or something.

1. Children's Porcupine Cape

The description on the website say it's "Perfect for Halloween!" Because if you're going for Halloween in a costume that needs a cape, you're definitely going to wear one with a minor league baseball team's logo on it. On second thought, a superhero porcupine sounds like a great idea.

Trenton Thunder

3. Adult Royal Thunder Reversible Mesh Tank Top

Now you can support your favorite Double-A baseball team at all your outdoor frat parties.

2. Adult Star Wars Yoda Jersey

After doing some Googling, it appears the Thunder were one of many minor league teams to do some sort of Star Wars night. So maybe they worse these as novelty jerseys and still have some around. Even so, if you're a big fan of Star Wars, you probably can find plenty of memorabilia that isn't in baseball jersey form.

1. Thunder Flame Baseball

For those that want to bring home a souvenir baseball from the game but also love Lisa Frank notebooks.

Tampa Yankees

The Tampa team store doesn't really have any weird items. The thing is though, you can only order stuff by sending them a check or money order. So they're the real winner of weirdest store, despite not having any strange items.

Charleston RiverDogs

3. Fun Is Good Book

It's by Mike Veeck, who is the RiverDogs' president, so it is team-related. But I really hope the team store in the Charleston stadium has a whole section of workplace advice books.

2. Women's Boxer Shorts


1. Tall Boy Koozie

I get that they're the RiverDogs and this is a dog-related item. However, why are they selling things that would otherwise be found in one of those t-shirt stands on a boardwalk?

Staten Island Yankees

3. Staten Island Yankees Toddler Neon Cotton Tee

I totally get trying to build a fan base through generations, but I'm not sure "making sure they're a Staten Island Yankees fan" should be on your checklist of how to raise your child right. Not saying you shouldn't raise them to be a Staten Island Yankees fan, I'm just saying it shouldn't be the first priority.

2. Scooter the Holy Cow Foam Head

The one thing I'm holding over from my previous list. It remains total nightmare fuel.

1. Reversible Hat

I can't tell you how many times I've worn a baseball hat and have thought "I WISH THIS WAS REVERSIBLE." All my problems have been solved.