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Ty Hensley attacked: Anthony Morales' lawyer claims Hensley started the altercation

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As we wrote yesterday, Yankees prospect Ty Hensley was attacked over the holidays and had to be hospitalized after suffering a broken jaw and other facial injuries. It turns out the attacker was Anthony Morales, a football player who tried out for the Carolina Panthers NFL team this season and the altercation started over an argument involving player signing bonuses. After the attack, where Hensely was knocked unconscious from behind and then beaten while on the ground, the right-hander will reportedly press charges and now it seems like we are in a battle between lawyer statements.

Morales' lawyer is apparently trying to turn the tides of the entire conflict by blaming Hensley:

With the few facts that we do have and law enforcement seemingly believing Hensley's story over Morales' side of things, the Yankees prospect's lawyer didn't need to fire back too much:

Hensley's lawyer did release four pictures of the damage that was done to his client's face, so if you want to see some VERY GRAPHIC pictures you can follow the link here and see just what Anthony Morales is capable of.