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Yankees vice president of baseball operations Mark Newman is retiring


This is Pat Roessler
This is Pat Roessler

According to George King of the New York Post, it appears that Mark Newman, the Yankees vice president of baseball operations and the man in charge developing the farm system, plans to retire after the 2014 season. While retirement is not a firing, or even stepping down, it is heavily implied that this was not Newman's first choice. With his contract ending at the end of the season, a source says that the Yankees would not have renewed it. That sounds very much like the organization has forced Newman out and instead of resigning, he's decided to retire in order to save face.

After the big stink that was raised last year when Hal Steinbrenner was not happy with the production of the farm system, we may finally be seeing some change. Aside from Newman, director of player development Pat Roessler could also be out. At the moment, it appears that Damon Oppenheimer is safe. He's put together some solid drafts in the last few years, but the problem seems to be, or at least the Yankees have determined it to be, what they do with those draftees once they get the into the system.

The likely candidate to replace Newman is Trey Hillman, a former Yankees minor and Royals major league manager, who has recently been brought back into the fold. Former Yankees hitting coach Gary Denbo is considered to be the likely replacement for Roessler. It seems that the changes that we all wanted, and expected, last year are finally happening. The minor league system had a great season in 2014, but new personnel, who are hopefully better equipped to lead this talent to the majors, is a welcomed sight in the Yankees' land of no consequences.

What does everyone think about this news? Good news? GREAT news?