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Yankees September call ups preview: Position Players

Refsnyder won't be called up in 2014, but there are others who could be


When discussing September call ups, it's easy to see how the Yankees have a stronger supply of pitching than they do position players. They mainly have a smattering of quadruple-A talent that can be brought up and down at any time, but they lack the same excitement that the pitchers provide. A few of them have already been (or currently are) up this year:

Player Debuted Age Position Level Roster Status
Austin Romine 2011 25 C AAA On 40

Let's get him out of the way first, since he's already up in the majors now with Brian McCann going to the DL. Romine hasn't exactly had a strong offensive season this year, but he's been hitting well since July 1 with a .318/.362/.432 batting line. Other than the whole "hitting better" thing, another reason he was chosen over Murphy was the fact that he has experience playing first base, which could be useful with Mark Teixeira seemingly always hurting something. It's believed that McCann's concussion isn't too bad so he might only be gone for the minimum seven days and then Romine is back in the minors until September.

Player Debuted Age Position Level Roster Status
John Ryan Murphy 2013 23 C AAA On 40

Murphy was passed over for a promotion and then the next day he was placed on the disabled list with what is believed to be a concussion, though the severity is not yet known. He could miss the rest of the season or he could be out for a week or so. Murphy hasn't really hit all year; he batted .286/.308/.365 in the majors and has now hit .244/.300/.378 since being optioned down to Triple-A. Despite his struggles, the Yankees could still use a third catcher and Murphy's defensive abilities could keep him in play if he's healthy.

Player Debuted Age Position Level Roster Status
Zelous Wheeler 2014 27 3B/OF AAA On 40

Wheeler has already been up with the team and made good on his first trip to the majors. With Martin Prado, Chase Headley, and Stephen Drew here now, he likely won't get much playing time, but if there's an injury down the stretch he could be a useful piece to have off the bench.

Player Signed Age Position Level Roster Status
Zoilo Almonte 2013 25 OF AAA On 40

Zoilo Almonte will surely grace us with his presence come September, but he likely won't play much of a role when he does. Despite beating up Triple-A pitching with a .278/.324/.484 batting line and 17 home runs, Almonte has only five hits in 36 plate appearances in the majors this year and doesn't offer a defensive upgrade in the outfield. He'll likely ride the bench through September, making the occasional start and appearing late in games.

Player Signed Age Position Level Roster Status
Jose Pirela N/A 24 UTIL AAA Not on 40

Despite Pirela's success this season, the Yankees haven't really seen him as a major league option and it's possible they never will. Still, though, he's at least a possibility, considering they have a few open 40-man roster spots and he could at least provide some value off the bench. If he does get a shot it will likely come in the form of a few pinch hit opportunities and won't come with much playing time in the field.

Player Signed Age Position Level Roster Status
Adonis Garcia N/A 29 OF/3B AAA Not on 40

Another player who could get a shot in September, despite him not being on the 40-man roster, is Adonis Garcia, who has had a monster season in Scranton. He's hit .322/.357/.481 in 2014 and has spent time at all three outfield positions and third base, making him an intriguing addition for the Yankees. Considering his age, this could be his last real chance to make the majors, but it's a real outside shot if one really exists.

No one game-changing, but some of them have their uses. Other players who might warrant call ups are first baseman Kyle Roller, to provide depth behind Mark Teixeira, and third baseman Rob Segedin, who has had a great season between Double-A and Triple-A. There is also Corban Joseph, who can play multiple positions, though hasn't had a very good year.

Ramon Flores could have actually been in the majors by now based on how he was hitting, but the outfielder hasn't been seen since the beginning of June when he suffered a gruesome ankle injury. It was initially said he'd only miss a month, but over two have gone by now and there's still no word about his status. And of course there is Rob Refsnyder, who continues to hit in Scranton, however the Yankees seem earnest about their desire to keep him in Triple-A to work on his defense. While he could definitely help the team, even if just as a September call up, it's highly unlikely they waste his service time when he won't get regular playing time.