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Yankees Prospects: New York won't crack the Baseball Prospectus top 50, but they're still heading in the right direction

Don't panic, it'll be ok

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Yankees haven't had a highly regarded farm system in years. The last time they had everything going for them was back in 2010, and then everything promptly fell apart. Now in 2014, the organization might be finally having a positive year, despite several disappointing performances mixed in. Despite what they have going for them, it appears that none of their prospects are going to get much attention:

Gary Sanchez was once a top 50 prospect, but he's dropped in rank every year since 2011. This year is likely to be no different as he's sure to fall from the No. 85 prospect he was before the season. Manny Banuelos ranked No. 29 overall before the 2012 season, but injury has completely wiped him out of consideration. John Ryan Murphy still has value, but he might not be considered a prospect anymore. Mason Williams and Tyler Austin already fell out of the top 100 before the season and Slade Heathcott has long run out of any kind of value.

Despite the lack of top 50 representation, the Yankees still have players to be happy about. It would have been nice to see Rob Refsnyder in the top 50, but I imagine his age and defense take him out of the equation. Luis Severino has been impressive, but Parks has already made it clear that he thinks of him as a future reliever. Aaron Judge should be in the latter half of the top 100 and if he continues to hit like he has, it's only a matter of time before he moves up. Eric Jagielo, Ian Clarkin, and Greg Bird could also be in play for a spot on the back of the list.

After them, you also have Peter O`Brien, who might be able to offer some value in a trade or as a power bat off the bench. Ramon Flores had been very solid before going down with an ankle injury, while Shane Greene is turning things around in Triple-A. Tyler Webb and Jacob Lindgren could probably get big league hitters out right now and Abiatal Avelino and Miguel Andujar have shown glimpses of promise. If you want to get extremely optimistic, the Yankees have a kid in rookie ball, Jorge Mateo, who is getting a lot of attention and the organization just signed most of the top international prospects. The Yankees might not have anyone in the top 50 now, but they certainly have prospects and maybe next year will be different. Things are turning around, even if no one is recognizing it just yet.