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Yankees Prospects: Baseball America ranks Masahiro Tanaka and Gary Sanchez among top 100

Score two for the Yankees

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America released their top 100 prospects last night and only two Yankees made the list. Every team was represented at least once, but you could say the Yankees at least beat the Angels, Athletics, Brewers, Nationals and Rays after all five only managed to get one player on the list each. As for the rest of the AL East, the Blue Jays had two, the Orioles had three, and the Red Sox led all of baseball with a total of eight prospects on the list. Oh ok.

For those of you saying the Rays can develop prospects at a non-stop rate, they are the only team who doesn't have an internally developed player on the list. Their representative, Jake Odorizzi, was acquired alongside Wil Myers in the James Shields deal. What they're really good at is trading their good players for more good players.

They ranked Masahiro Tanaka as the No. 4 prospect in all of baseball, which is exciting, but I guess it all depends on whether you consider him a real prospect. At 25 he might be the age of some of the top prospects in the game, but he's also been playing professional baseball since the age of 18.

Gary Sanchez, the only Yankee prospect with any real chance of making the list, was named the No. 35 prospect in the game. Baseball America has actually has him ranked as the second best catching prospect, putting him behind the Padres' Austin Hedges, but in front of Travis D'Arnaud of the Mets. The player comment was also promising as "Sanchez got on the right track in 2013, when his catch-and-throw skills started catching up to his bat, and the Brian McCann signing gives him more development time."

Other players who have floated around the backend of most top 100 lists, Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, and Slade Heathcott, were nowhere to be found this year. Williams has been falling down lists over the last year and injuries have prevented Austin and Heathcott from gaining any momentum in the prospect ranking arena. No Yankees appeared on the list of prospects who might make the top 100 next season.