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Yankees Prospects: The final 11 players who should fit into the top 50

The final 11 players who should fit into the Yankees top 50 prospect list

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Jesse, Tanya, Andrew, and I released our top 30 prospect list. We also included a list of nine prospects who some of us thought could have made the list. I went a little further and tried to fill out the rest of the top 50. I wanted to rank them, but I felt uncomfortable claiming that one rookie ball player was better than another, so here are 11 players who were previously unnamed, who I feel belong in the top 50, in some order.

Danny Burawa, RHP: This right-hander profiles to be a middle reliever. After missing all of 2012 because of injury, he was able to put together a strong return season, despite a high walk rate. If he can impress in camp and show that he has improved his control, Burawa might line himself up for a call up at some point.

Jordan Cote, RHP: Drafted back in 2011, Cote has dealt with injuries that have led him to be a 21-year-old in rookie ball. He has been impressive in small samples, but if he stays healthy he can finally build off that success.

Rookie Davis, RHP: Another 2011 draft pick limited by injuries, Davis got his first taste of A-ball this year. His velocity and size make him projectable as a big time arm, but he needs to be healthy if he wants to make up for lost time.

Taylor Dugas, OF: He had a successful season in A-ball as mostly a singles hitter, but he should move up to Trenton to begin the season. Unfortunately, he's already 24 and could face a logjam with all the outfield prospects in front of him.

Thairo Estrada, SS: In his first professional season, Estrada had a solid offensive year. With the added benefit of being a shortstop, he might end up getting a lot more attention if he continues to hit.

Giovanny Gallegos, RHP: His second season ended up being a little disappointing, but he is known for his control and high-velocity curveball, so he has the tools. Hopefully he'll have a better go in 2014, whether he repeats short season or moves up to Low-A.

Taylor Garrison, RHP: Thought to be a high-level reliever in the making, Garrison has succeeded everywhere he's been in his short career. He got a cup of coffee at Triple-A last season, but will likely start the 2014 season in Double-A which he could still easily blow through.

Omar Luis, LHP: The big lefty finally made his debut at rookie ball this season. Scouts like him for his good velocity and ability to throw strikes. He's already 21, so hopefully he has a big year in 2014 and moves quickly through the system.

Jose Pirela, 2B: Now that Robinson Cano is gone, Pirela has suddenly become an intriguing replacement. He's proven that he can hit, but he's also been in Trenton for three years. At the most, he might be able to provide a league-average bat, but his glove is a mystery.

Rob Segedin, 3B/OF: All of Segedin's value is in his ability to play third base. If he can't stay at the position, he's not going to be of much value. There's also the fact that he underwent hip surgery last season, so it's entirely possible his value is shot.

Charley Short, RHP: Once relegated to a relatively obscure indy league, Short signed with the Yankees and has blown hitters away for the last two seasons. He might be 25, but he did shoot through three levels in 2013. If he keeps it up again this year, he could put himself in line for a big league job at some point.