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Yankees prospects: Baseball Prospectus 2015 top 10

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball Prospectus has released their top 10 Yankees prospect list for the coming 2015 season and it includes all the names you've come to expect over the last few months. Well, mostly:

OF Aaron Judge
RHP Luis Severino
C Gary Sanchez
LHP Ian Clarkin
SS Jorge Mateo
2B/OF Rob Refsnyder
1B Greg Bird
CF Leonardo Molina
LHP Jacob Lindgren
C Luis Torrens

Aaron Judge ranks higher than Severino, likely because the latter is still believed to end up as a late-inning reliever, rather than a top of the rotation starter. Gary Sanchez remains at the top of the list, but he still could ultimately end up at first base, depending how things go for him. BP ranks lefty Ian Clarkin at No. 4, despite his lack of big velocity. Jorge Mateo, the pride of the Yankees shortstop prospects, is now considered to be their No. 5 prospect, while PSA favorites Rob Refsnyder and Greg Bird rank No. 6 and 7.

The biggest surprise on the list might be the inclusion of Leonardo Molina, who, despite rave reviews and many positive scouting reports, has yet to produce at any level to what people expect from him. Still, he's yet to turn 18, so his youth might have something to do with it. I just wouldn't expect him to get a top 10 inclusion until he started proving his value. He is actually the only player on this list that has the ceiling of an All-Star.

To round out the list, lefty reliever Jacob Lindgren and young catching stud Luis Torrens rank No. 9 and 10. For a high-leverage reliever, Lindgren's ranking makes sense, but for someone like Torrens, who has been lauded over for his youth and hitting abilities, it's a surprise to see him so low and especially below someone like Molina. Perhaps his failures at Low-A Charleston this year had something to do with it.

Noticeably absent from this list is third base prospect Eric Jagielo. He took a major hit to his prospect status over the last season due to concerns about both his hitting and fielding abilities and the fact that he was hurt for a good portion of the year. Many believe that he will ultimately have to move out of third base and that he currently has too much swing and miss in his swing.

Baseball Prospectus has third baseman Miguel Andujar, righty Austin DeCarr from the 2014 draft, and Ty Hensley among the system's rising stars, believing them ready to have big years in 2015. They also name Jose Ramirez, Tyler Austin, and Danny Burawa as the most likely prospects to get promoted to the majors this year and make an impact. It's interesting to see no Refsnyder included in that group. Oh, and in case you were wondering, new Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius ranks third among the top talent 25 and under in the organization.

What do you think about these rankings?