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Yankee prospects: 2015 major league watch list

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last year eight baseball players made their debut with the Yankees. Those names include Bryan Mitchell, Jose Pirela, Chase Whitley, Shane Greene, Jose Ramirez, Dean Anna, Zelous Wheeler, and Yangervis Solarte. Going into 2015, there are quite a few more potential rookies in the Yankees system. Despite the team's reputation, it would seem there could be a steady inflow of youth coming up the line:

Tyler Austin Capable of playing both first base and right field, if injuries befall either Carlos Beltran or Mark Teixeira, the Yankees may have no other choice but to give Austin a shot. In the early goings of the season they'll likely try to get by with who they have in the majors, but if Austin continues to hit, he could end up as their first choice by mid-season.

Manny Banuelos Finally healthy, Banuelos will get another shot in Triple-A and depending on the team's needs, he could find himself in the majors. It's possible he could end up pitching out of the bullpen, but don't be surprised if he gets thrown into a Shane Greene line of work.

Danny Burawa It's completely possible that Burawa could make the major league bullpen out of spring training. The Yankees had high hopes for him last spring, but if he pitches better this time around, showing better control, he could be the first on this list to make the majors.

Taylor Dugas Admittedly a bit of a long shot, Dugas has displayed great control over the strikezone and relies on his contact abilities at the plate. He likely profiles as a fourth or fifth outfielder, so he might get a few days as an injury fill-in, but should most likely be expected in September, if at all.

Ramon FloresFlores has been a bit of an enigma for awhile now. He's shown talent, but without consistent power or plus-defense it's hard to see where he will end up. He could be an injury replacement or he might have to wait until September, however, given his prospect status, if he's performing well there'll be talk of him moving up.

Jacob Lindgren – The ace lefty reliever the Yankees drafted in 2014 was supposed to be in the majors already, so if all goes right in 2015, we should be seeing him soon. His status all depends on who they bring in as a lefty specialist as last year the Yankees displayed their willingness to let just about every left-hander they could find pitch. They probably won't take him out of spring training just to give him more innings in the upper minors, but if the Strikeout Factory continues to roll along, it'll be hard for them to hold him back

Jaron Long – As the surprise of the season, Long built up a lot of goodwill in 2014. What he lacks in pure stuff, he makes up for with his ability to generate ground balls. Last season a scout said the 23-year-old could already be in the majors, but let's see how serious they take him now that his father is out of the organization. If he continues to impress through the upper levels, he could get a shot in a number of different roles.

James Pazos As a left-handed reliever who can strike hitters out, the Yankees would obviously have serious interest in Pazos. He's likely to compete for the LOOGY role in the spring and could always be called up mid-season when needed. He's not much of a top prospect, but he still has plenty of talent that could play up against MLB competition.

Branden Pinder – The Yankees demoted Pinder in 2013 and it looked like that would be the end of his prospect status, but he came back stronger in 2014 and the team noticed. He might not end up as much, perhaps something similar to Preston Claiborne, though hopefully his fortunes are brighter.

Rob Refsnyder We'll be seeing Rob Refsnyder in 2015 as long as he isn't traded and nothing goes seriously wrong for him. The biggest question though is when; does he come North with the team in April or do they keep him down for a few months, delay his arbitration clock, and allowing him to get going before clearing a spot for him at second base. His fate could depend entirely on who they bring in this offseason.

Kyle RollerIn his first taste of Triple-A and at the age of 26, Kyle Roller might have had his best professional season of his career. With Mark Teixeira an injury hazard and no real backup first baseman on the roster to speak of, Roller could find his way onto the team at some point if there's an emergency. In all likelihood we might never see him, but this could be his year.

Nick Rumbelow – In 2014, Rumbelow jumped four levels to Triple-A and is now on the cusp of a call-up for the 2015 season. There's a chance he could break camp with the team this spring, but there's a better chance he'll be allowed to get a few more innings in at the upper minors before they bring him up.

Rob Segedin Segedin might never end up making it, but with third base completely in the air for the Yankees and him now 26 years old after a strong season, this could be his last, best chance. He won't be a regular, but maybe he could end up as an interesting role player for a time.

Tyler Webb – Perhaps the lefty in the system most close to major league-ready, Webb could end up breaking camp with the team if they don't sign anyone in free agency and Lindgren needs a bit more seasoning. He has the potential to be a late-inning reliever at the MLB level and that could come to fruition this year.

Who do you want to see in the majors this year?