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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 90: Valar morghulis

A podcast incredibly irritated at Randy Levine has a somewhat happy ending.

Levine ramen--everyone's favorite
Levine ramen--everyone's favorite
Kunj Shah

Tanya, Jason, and I were back to the podcast grind last night during the Yankees game. We vented pretty hard about the general state of the team, particularly the frustrating corporate faces like president Randy Levine, whose knack for interference in the team’s baseball affairs is completely obnoxious. Take note that since we recorded during what seemed like a forgettable sluggish loss and a four-game losing streak appeared imminent, we were probably more nihilistic than usual.

Stay tuned after the outro though to hear our immediate reactions to Brian McCann and Didi Gregorius’ ninth inning homers though!

Intro: "Valar Morghulis" - Game of Thrones season 2 soundtrack
Outro: "Needle" - Game of Thrones season 6 soundtrack

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