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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 72: Top 20 Yankees prospects for 2015

Tanya, Jason, and I return to discuss the Pinstripe Alley's top 20 prospects list. There may be some discussion of Greg Bird.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of releasing the Pinstripe Alley Top 20 Prospects the other day, Tanya, Jason, and I decided to make a new podcast wherein we discussed the list in addition to other Yankees prospects. Also GREG BIRD. Lots of Greg Bird. So much Greg Bird.

[0:00] Intro music: "When I Grow Up" - Garbage
[0:28] Presenting: Audio listicle
[2:55] Luis Severino or Aaron Judge #1?
[16:18] Extolling the virtues of Rob Refsnyder
[19:52] Obligatory Gary Sanchez discussion :-(
[25:43] Quick thoughts on Ian Clarkin's high floor
[28:12] Super-awesome-baby Jorge Mateo!
[32:10] Enter the Strikeout Factory
[36:43] Luis Torrens: New-new-new catcher of the future... but this one can play defense!
[39:49] Eric Jagielo needs to catch up to his friends
[44:20] Tyler Austin: Alive? More alive than Carlos Beltran, anyway. (Also, we reveal what "Carlos Beltran surgery" is.)
[49:53] Domingo German: Mystery man
[52:10] Is Jake Cave another Brett Gardner type?
[54:43] Can someone please grant Ty Hensley some luck?
[56:27] Dear Bryan Mitchell: Please become the next Shane Greene. Thx.
[59:19] Going through the rest of the list
[1:17:00] Tweetbag: Greg Bird, Refsnyder's call-up, borderline Top 20 prospects, and the first of the non-Refsnyder Top 5 to be recalled. Also did you know Greg Bird once hit three home runs for Tanya? She told the story. It had never been been told, ever.

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