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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 84: Three times the Festivus charm

Need some of that Nova!

Al Bello/Getty Images

In both 2013 and 2014, Tanya, Jason, Greg, and I celebrated Festivus by airing plenty of grievances toward a couple non-playoff teams. Even though the Yankees made the playoffs this year, we're back because 1) This special is just so damn fun for us, and 2) Oh mercy, were there still grievance to be aired. The podcast begins with all these grievances (with a long tangent about Hal Steinbrenner of that), but we do shift to the feats of strength, don't worry. There were many feats to honor, particularly those performed by the one and only #GREGBIRD.

So sit back, relax, and drink some eggnog along with Tanya as we remember the crazy 2015 Yankees.

[0:00] Intro Music: "Carol of the Bells" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
[0:35] The Airing of Grievances
[36:30] The Feats of Strength

P.S. We're so sorry, Sean and Caitlin.

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