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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 71: Yankees taking care of business over holidays

No rest for the weary in the past month for the Yankees. We're back.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's been awhile since we recorded a podcast, but the Yankees have certainly made enough moves in the past month to warrant one. There's quite a lot to get to, from trades to departures to signings to the Hall of Fame and more, so join us! As always, please subscribe to the iTunes feed if you can and give us a review if you're feeling generous! We always appreciate feedback.

[0:00] Intro music: "Taking Care of Business" - Bachman Turner Overdrive
[0:19] The Yankees have been wheelin' and dealin' over the past month or so
[2:49] Nathan Eovaldi trade
[9:57] Manny Banuelos trade
[15:03] Shawn Kelley trade
[22:15] Pouring one out for David Robertson
[26:52] Farewell, #HIROK
[29:10] Gonna miss Brandon McCarthy's tweets (and pitching)
[36:15] Chase Headley is back in town, huzzah!
[43:16] Stephen Drew is back... his reception is not as grand but it's whatever
[49:55] On Max Scherzer rumors and other off-season plans
[55:31] #HotTakes on the 2015 Hall of Fame class
[1:04:04] Tweetbag: 6-man rotation, low-risk one-year starters (Brandon Beachy, etc.), Matts, Muppets, and James Shields & Scherzer's destinations
[1:17:00] Non-sensical Yankee of the Week

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