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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 62: Derek Jeter's accursed two-hole clause

The Yankees won five in a row at one point, but that fun was halted by a disappointing series loss in Detroit. We talk about Jeter batting second, Tanaka's comeback, possible September call-ups, and Girardi's evil clone.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
I don’t think it’s too insane to think that Jeter had it worked into his re-written contract that he would not be removed from his 2 spot all year. I have to think this because I cannot see how the organization thinks batting him 2nd is a good idea. - Something an actual person said

Although the supposed "two-hole clause" is obviously not real, it is still annoying that Jeter's batting second anyway. We discuss this and more on the new Pinstripe Alley Podcast.

[0:20] Winning streaks are overrated, and Kyle Lobstein is a future Cy Young Award winner, obviously
[2:20] "I can't really tell why teams win." - J. Sterling
[3:02] Derek Jeter is still batting second, and we have #HotTakes
[11:47] Imagining a world where the Yankees batted Jeter down in the lineup to start the season
[13:43] Of course, not all the Yankees' offensive problems are centered around Jeter...
[14:30] How much of an impact does Kevin Long actually have on the hitters?
[18:04] The Yankees *should* play well against Toronto and Boston next, but do we trust them?
[20:57] Remembering the halcyon days of a less competitive AL East
[23:19] Need moar team chemistry
[24:57] Bring us back Masahiro Tanaka, baseball gods (also more thoughts on PRP therapy)
[30:36] Can Shane Greene be for real? Please?
[32:14] Is Pat Venditte a legitimate option for a September call-up?
[39:07] How about Jacob Lindgren? Tyler Webb? Rob Refsnyder? Chris Young? (Yawn.) We also mentioned Josh Outman because he's apparently a thing now.
[44:50] The talent gap between Triple-A and the majors seems to be growing
[47:15] Tweetbag: Manerger Griardi vs. Manager Girardi, tacos, favorite possible September call-ups, pizza, and fun with mics
[55:11] B-Ref segment: Best/worst Yankees career OPS by position
[1:06:18] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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