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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 61: McCarthy, Castillo, and the Electric City

The Yankees haven't been playing well, but at least Brandon McCarthy made us happy today. We also discuss Rusney Castillo (who wasn't signed yet), and Matt F.'s trip to the Scranton game.

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees are kind of a scary team to watch right now and not in a good way. That's what losing two out of three to the Astros does to a fanbase! However, we do have some bright spots to talk about, mainly Brandon McCarthy. Also tune in for us talking about Rusney Castillo (who has now reportedly signed with the Red Sox), Matt F. going to a RailRiders game with Greg and long time listener, and some of the worst streaks of poor Game Scores in Yankees history.

Podcast is a little shorter than usual this week because there wasn't too much news to talk about and we were having connection problems and at one point, Matt P. had to go and my mic wasn't working for some reason, so Matt F. was talking to no one. Thanks to some creative editing, you won't even notice! Show us what you've got, Internet!

Intro music: "Lazy Scranton" - A Michael Scott Joint

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