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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 58: Romine for Tulo, get it done Cash

It's Trade Deadline time. Will Cashman add any more pieces for a possible Yankees playoff run?


We demand a trade of Austin Romine for Troy Tulowitzki. No excuses, Cash.

[0:00] Intro music: "The Gambler" - Kenny Rogers
[0:18] Crawling to the Trade Deadline
[1:37] Trade target discussion: Alex Rios
[6:32] Trade target discussion: Marlon Byrd
[10:32] Trade target discussion: Josh Willingham
[15:38] Trade target discussion: Joaquin Benoit
[18:48] Trade target discussion: Ian Kennedy
[22:17] Some thoughts on the Yankees' offense and contrasting the 2014 Red Sox with the 2013 Yankees
[30:28] Remembering some of our favorite and least favorite Trade Deadline deals in recent Yankees history
[44:24] B-Ref Segment: P
[47:20] Tweetbag: #Refsnyder4NYY, proposed trade targets for Cashman, Jeter vs. Yaz, Aaron Judge trade value, selling, and PSA's Sharknado security
[1:01:20] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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