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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 56: All-Star Break Blues

News of Masahiro Tanaka's injury hit the day after our last podcast, and that still has us down, though we did have a good time talking about Derek Jeter's last All-Star Game. Also hot dogs.

"I am bored, so very very bored."
"I am bored, so very very bored."

Derek Jeter had an awesome last All-Star Game!
But Masahiro Tanaka is on the shelf indefinitely...
Don't worry, Jeff Francis and Rich Hill are now Yankees!
/Price is Right horn/

[0:00] Intro music: "The Mighty Rio Grande" - This Will Destroy You
[0:23] Grumbling about the All-Star Break length
[2:37] Masahiro Tanaka has a partial UCL tear and ugh why baseball? This rotation is not inspiring.
[5:38] With pitching on the fritz, the offense needs to step up
[8:20] What would the Yankees do in the off-season if Tanaka does need Tommy John surgery? /gulp/
[12:52] With attendance likely to fall next year... bring forth the Francisco Cervelli retirement tour?
[16:20] must be a thing that happens in 2015
[17:43] Thoughts on Derek Jeter's last All-Star Game
[21:57] Obligatory discussion on the supposed Adam Wainwright "pipe shot"
[26:38] Luis Severino 2014 conquests: Sally League, Florida State League, Futures Game. Next: Eastern League? Also: Discussion on Jacob Lindgren, Aaron Judge, and prospects at the Trade Deadline.
[36:55] "Matt Ferenchick looks up stuff on Play Index" - Yankees single-season HBP pitching records
[41:48] Tweetbag: Honest opinion of the Yankees' chances at making the playoffs, what Brian Cashman should do at the Trade Deadline, songs in our head, french fries, and hot dogs
[56:24] Yankee/Mitre of the 1st half! Special edition in which we also each do Yankee/Mitre of the 1st half in the NL (Bonds/Yuni) and the AL (Ruth/Nunez). It runs a little long since we talked about each of the players a bit more than usual.

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