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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 50: Rest well, Zim

The Yankees have only won one game since our last recording and Don Zimmer passed away, so you can imagine how cheery we are.

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Hey, remember when the Yankees were playing decently and had just taken two out of three from the Cardinals? Well, that didn't last.

[0:00] R.I.P. Don Zimmer =(
[1:21] The crappy losses recently have begun to blend together...
[3:15] Defending David Robertson and trying to make sense of the ever-changing bullpen
[11:14] Short outings from most of the rotation are not helping the relievers stay rested
[13:13] Remembering our favorite Don Zimmer memories
[21:20] Can Carlos Beltran's activation provide a boost to the lineup? Should they still pursue Kendrys Morales?
[25:00] Yankees 'pen is missing Shawn Kelley and thoughts on Francisco Cervelli's possible return
[27:37] Tweetbag: Yangervis Solarte's possible impact on Alex Rodriguez's return in 2015, improving the offense, Manny Banuelos for the 2015 rotation, and any guesses on what Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia could bring to the rotation upon their returns
[38:15] Yankee/Mitre of the Week
[47:23] Final thoughts: Amusing names of possible 2014 draftees to be selected later this week

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