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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 53: Cashman and an actual MLB World Cup

The podcast delves into the Yankees' recent struggles, a defense of Brian Cashman, a true baseball World Cup, a forgettable Old Timers' Day team, and more.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees were not very inspiring over the past week, but news of Brian Cashman's likely return as general manager sparked some conversation. We also got into the World Cup spirit by doing a draft of true hypothetical MLB World Cup teams (since due to spring training the WBC doesn't actually take the best talent from all countries), and following the Old Timers' Day festivities last weekend, we remember some Yankees Old Timers who probably won't receive the invitational magnets.

[0:16] Carlos Beltran's homer was the only saving grace from an ugly losing streak...
[4:35] Some thoughts on the Yankees' -34 run differential
[6:58] A quick look ahead to the upcoming series against the Red Sox and Rays, who might not even have David Price
[10:04] Cashman will most likely return to the Yankees as GM after this season. Why is this a good move?
[17:53] Reminder: The 1996-2003 Yankees really didn't have that many homegrown players
[19:28] Recalling how quickly farm systems can fall apart without much overall success
[27:53] A true baseball World Cup--drafting the best teams (and re-discovering surprises in the Mexican League)
[42:20] Nega-Old Timers' Day participants?
[56:36] Tweetbag: Derek Jeter's spot in the batting order, and potential midseason updates to Yankees top prospect lists
[1:02:24] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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