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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 49: Return of Hughes face

Welcome back and there it goes.


The Yankees had a very mediocre week and continued to hover around .500, so we talked about bullpen usage, how other teams are doing around the division, whether or not the Yankees should go after Kendrys Morales, and what Derek Jeter is going to do with the sand sculpture of Mo when the Rays inevitably re-gift it to him. Enjoy.

[0:00] Phil Hughes tribute
[0:36] Yankees go up and down in Chicago and St. Louis
[2:13] David Robertson: Proven Closer
[6:36] Checking up on the Yankees' division rivals and the effects of the Toronto's nine-game winning streak and Boston's ten-game losing streak
[14:19] Mission for the weekend: Beat up the Twins
[15:41] Injury problems: Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran's absences are quite damaging to the team's overall power; if either have to miss serious time, should the Yankees pursue Morales after the draft?
[21:06] Thoughts on the slight weirdness of the Derek Jeter retirement tour, and the likelihood of the Rays re-gifting the creepy Mariano Rivera sand sculpture to Jeter
[27:20] Hoping for more innings from the the non-Masahiro Tanaka starters so that Dellin Betances and Adam Warren don't wear down
[32:03] Featured game: On Joe Torre and bullpen overuse
[41:57] Tweetbag: High-scoring and low-scoring Yankees seasons, thoughts on the overshifting, why there aren't as many starting pitchers and second basemen among international free agents, Kyle Roller, and Rob Refsnyder
[1:04:08] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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