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Pinstripe Alley Podcast 41: 1890s player or British nobleman?

The Yankees are off to a rather ugly start in 2014, but we managed to find some humor anyway through a new game. Also: no Nunez!

Brian Blanco

Beginning 2014 by losing consecutive games to a 111-loss team from 2013 wasn't EXACTLY how we thought the season would start, but so it goes. Join the Matts and me as we discuss the Opening Day roster, the crappy first two games, the exile of Eduardo Nunez, the Yankees' bullpen, and more. At the very least, tune in for Matt F.'s amazing 1890s player or British nobleman game, and see how you do.

[0:00] First two games: We're doomed.
[3:42] Few bright spots early: Hiroki Kuroda, Dellin Betances, Vidal Nuno, and Brian Roberts. Yippie?
[6:10] The season finale of 2013 was in all likelihood Eduardo Nunez's long-awaited last game as a Yankee, so enter the Era of Dean Anna and Yangervis Solarte?
[8:16] The bullpen has basically everyone involved in the fifth starter competition. Yay or nay?
[17:00] Brief tangent on the implausibility of Alex Gonzalez still being a major league baseball player, Sal Fasano, mechanic, and awful New York Post/Daily News headlines for whenever David Robertson blows a save
[23:52] Tweetbag: Solarte as a starter?, Gardner's proper place in the starting lineup, CC Opening Day starter in 2015?, Refsnyder/Katoh, Betances for setup role
[37:33] 1890s baseball player or British nobleman?
[46:21] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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