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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 44: Eau de pine tar

The Yankees won several games, but Nova's hurt and Pineda's facing suspension. Wheeeeee!

They just jealous
They just jealous
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We had already planned an episode on the longer side due to the news about Ivan Nova's likely Tommy John surgery, the crazy alternating 25-man roster moves during the Rays series, and Masahiro Tanaka continuing to do Masahiro Tanaka things. Then last night happened and the Yankees' universe exploded.

So we discussed the whole Michael Pineda pine tar incident in addition to all that, offered some thoughts on who should replace Nova and Pineda in the rotation, and more. (The tweetbag at 45:25 includes some pretty great stuff, including a hypothetical MLB mascot deathmatch at 1:00:40.) We also played a game where the Matts tried to guess how much the Yankees paid certain players during their careers, a variation of the game they recently did on the Baseball Prospectus "Effectively Wild" podcast. Enjoy!

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