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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 42: In loving memory of Tex's baby wrist

The Yankees actually won some games! They also lost some players... and other games. Time for some #analysis.

I willlll remember youuuuu, will youuuu remember meeeee
I willlll remember youuuuu, will youuuu remember meeeee
Nick Laham

Regaling the world of the legend of Yangervis Solarte, one day at a time.

In the podcast, we discuss the unfortunate effects of David Robertson and Mark Teixeira's injuries on the bullpen and first base, and how the offense has been mostly quiet other than a few players, namely Solarte and Jacoby Ellsbury. We also touch on Masahiro Tanaka's encouraging first few starts, Brett Gardner's baserunning, the upcoming series against the Red Sox, defensive shifts, how Solarte's minor league numbers might portend his future at the plate, compose haikus at Greg's request regarding first base, and do another round of 1890s baseball player or British nobleman.

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