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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 38: Dude pie

Greg, Jason, and I have a dudes night and discuss pie. Okay it's actually mostly baseball: spring training and the Yankees' roster competitions.

Al Bello

Just some dudes raving about Masahiro Tanaka and discussing pie. Problem?

[1:25] First impressions of our new Masahiro
[5:16] Mason Williams just swung at your pitch
[8:53] Yangervis vs. Nunez
[14:41] On Yankees trade chips, possibly working with the Mariners or Diamondbacks to acquire a young infielder
[24:50] We are... uneasy about Brian Roberts
[28:50] Also uneasy about the whole first base "all Tex or nothing" gamble, plus some thoughts on roster construction
[38:30] What exactly is CC Sabathia at this point? (also more thoughts on the rotation and bullpen)
[48:00] Tweetbag: Cano's regret, biggest spring training surprises thus far, Dellin Betances in the big league bullpen, best/worst off-season moves, best names in spring training
[58:45] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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