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Pinstripe Alley Podcast 40: Enter the Matthews

The two Matthews join me for their first official podcast. Huzzah!

Matt Daley is auditioning for not only a bullpen spot, but also a Matthew podcast spot. Best of luck.
Matt Daley is auditioning for not only a bullpen spot, but also a Matthew podcast spot. Best of luck.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ch-ch-ch-changes. The Matts and I talked about a wide variety of topics, from Michael Pineda to the bullpen & bench, and from baseball in the Running of the Balls to the esteemed Matt Barnicle. Best of all, the next time we record, the regular season will have begun! Hurrah.

[3:10] Michael Pineda to the rotation: yay or nay? Also assessing David Phelps' role and musing on contract extensions for players with minimal experience
[10:32] If you had to extend a Yankee right now, who would you extend? Ivan Nova or David Robertson?
[12:57] On the Montero/Pineda trade and true general prospect value
[16:10] Bullpen discussion; somehow Nunez comes up...
[23:01] Who goes on the bench with Brendan Ryan going on the DL? Also, analysis of Dean Anna's website.
[25:45] Pondering the idea of pulling a Baby Moses on Nunez
[27:21] MLB's Opening Day Australia series--thoughts, possible future international openers, and baseball's general international growth
[39:21] Is Mark Teixeira healthy? What can the Yankees expect from him? Plus, token Greg Bird discussion. Obviously.
[44:40] On the starting lineup and uncertainties, scary tales from 2013
[52:12] Back to some thoughts on the Yankees' bullpen (also helpful hint from Matt Ferenchick: look at the box score for Game 162 of 2011 once a week, just to marvel at the Yankees who played)
[56:51] Tweetbag: Yankees bullpen, recruiting Matthews around baseball to join the podcast, Michael Pineda innings limit question, podcast singing, the looming threat of Jayson Nix redux, the possibility of a trade for Didi Gregorius or Nick Franklin, and playoff predictions
[1:13:27] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

(Keep in mind that we recorded this before Thursday's cuts went down, so if there are any references to people already cut possibly making the bullpen, that's why.)

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