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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 37: The International Humbler

Brett Gardner got his contract extended! Huzzah.

Tom Pennington

The podcast is back and the Yankees are actually playing baseball! Not meaningful baseball, but it's baseball anyway. We discuss the Brett Gardner extension, the Andrew Bailey signing, whatever happened with Aledmys Diaz, Hawk Harrelson (for whatever reason), and the good ol' tweetbag. Jason's Internet cut out just before the podcast began, but he fought a valiant battle to return about 23 1/2 minutes in.

[1:18] Some guy named Brett Gardner received a new contract; was it a good deal? Will the Yankees be able to maintain lineup power?
[7:16] The ripple effect of Gardner's extension on the outfield prospects
[9:31] What happened to the Aledmys Diaz sweepstakes?
[11:40] YES Network makes us uneasy about Eduardo Nunez
[13:50] Greg proposes a pact to never discuss 2013 again, then promptly talk about 2013 again... also Hawk
[20:52] Andrew Bailey/Joel Hanrahan interest: 2012 David Aardsma or something better?
[23:05] Requiem for a Cohen
[24:21] Jason's thoughts on the Gardner, Bailey, and Diaz
[27:00] Tweetbag: Under-the-radar position player prospects, horrifying infield backup, who gets hurt first: Roberts/Grady, how to use Phelps/Warren, Nuno's potential, and limiting Pineda's innings
[48:05] Yankee/Mitre of the Week, and pondering what exactly Jesus Montero consumed (and where he learned to run)


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