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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 36: Jeets out

Derek Jeter announced his retirement following the 2014 season on Wednesday afternoon. It led to a very strange episode of the Pinstripe Alley Podcast.


What is life without Derek Jeter? We find out.

[0:00] Sexy Pinstripe Alley Podcast after dark...
[1:21] Thoughts on Jeter's last year, featuring seat-splat Expos captain Eduardo Nunez
[3:31] Replacement options for Jeter: James Jerry Hardy, Hanley Ramirez, WWE A-Rod, and ADDISON MARUSZAK
[7:47] We are concerned about CC Sabathia. Someone send emergency sirloin.

[13:48] On Jeter keeping his retirement plans secret from the front office until now
[15:18] Comparing Jeter's retirement announcement to Mariano Rivera's, and individual thoughts on Jeter
[20:18] Speculation on gifts (or GIFs?) and A-Rod's attempts to join the retirement tour for his own gifts
[27:20] How would A-Rod actually retire?
[29:03] A few thoughts on A.J. Burnett somehow wrangling $16 million from the Phillies
[30:09] Favorite Jeter moments
[37:03] Reminiscing on the idiocy of "Derek Eater"
[40:50] What if Ichiro joined Jeter in announcing his retirement? Can he go back to the Mariners then?
[42:30] Introducing special Jeter dating correspondent Matthew Floratos
[49:43] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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