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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 67: Closing the book on the 2014 Yankees season

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Fare-thee-well, 2014 Yankees. You will not really be missed.

Dellin: The eye of the 2014 storm
Dellin: The eye of the 2014 storm

In the final podcast of the season, we talked about the 2014 Yankees season in review and a little bit about what next year might look like. The highlights were rare (Dellin Betances, pre-injury Masahiro Tanaka, and a few others), but we talked about them as well as the injuries and disappointments. Matt F. also did a word-association game with the many players on the 2014 roster that did a nice job summing up our feelings on the odd characters who suited up for the team this year. Then, we answered some tweetbag questions and wrapped it up with our Yankees and Mitres of the Season.(Congrats to Ichiro I suppose for not being named Mitre of the Season for the second straight year.)

We'll be taking some time off from the podcast after this one since there probably won't be major Yankees news of note until after the playoffs end, though we will of course return if something huge comes up. Once the off-season really gets going, we'll most likely do the bi-weekly podcast schedule maintained last year. Regardless, thank you very much for listening throughout the season! We hope you've enjoyed it.

Intro music: "Float On" - The Modest Mouse

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