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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 32: Sexually frustrated seals

Tanya, Greg, Andrew, and Jason are joined by Kiwi friend Matthew Floratos as they discuss the Hall of Fame, Randy Levine & A-Rod's e-mail exchange, and lawyer/AS Roma entrepreneur Joe Tacopina.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

hope u like this podcast LOL :)
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[0:00] The truth about New Zealand seals
[2:25] The mysteries of A-Rod
[4:46] The Hall of Fame and the character clause
[8:12] Greg Maddux is not a unanimous Hall of Famer because...?
[13:52] On the whole "back in my day..." shenanigans
[21:03] Randy Levine: The President
[27:07] Very important discussion on Joe Tacopina
[32:52] Derby interlude

[36:07] Very important tweetbag question from Matt Ferenchick
[38:30] Baseball has been quite exciting over the holidays. So we talk more Tacopina and reminisce about the Montero-Pineda trade because why not?
[51:05] Hopes about Pineda and ManBan
[56:11] The young Yankees GIFer
[57:50] Yankee/Mitre of THE YEAR 2014

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