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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 29: Pining for Robbie

Tanya, Jason, and Andrew are joined by special guest Matt Provenzano as we mourn Cano's imminent departure to the Mariners. Gross.

Jim McIsaac

We recorded a podcast last night with special guest and fellow PSA scribe Matt Provenzano subbing for Greg. Then, this morning's new big news landed about Robinson Cano. Now it seems all but assured that Cano will be a Mariner for the next 10 years. Regardless, we were in a dark place anyway when this recorded. So yay!

[0:00] Kirklandless
[0:36] Are the Yankees undervaluing Cano?
[3:57] Depressing alternatives to Cano
[6:11] Are there truly any untouchables in the minor league system?
[8:59] "That whole Jacoby Ellsbury thing" and the days of crazy offseason activity
[27:35] Yankees kinda need pitching, too...
[32:12] Imagining the Yankees' lineup and team without Cano (featuring our reactions to live Twitter updates)
[41:00] More angst over Cano, his contract, and his value to the Yankees
[53:33] Tweetbag: Crawford's contract vs. Ellsbury's contract, subsequent moves if Cano is lost, non-Tanaka free agent pitchers, "gun to Cashman/DiPoto's head"
[1:03:14] Yankee/Mitre of the Week (with a slightly altered Mitre sound)

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