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Pinstripe Alley Podcasts

PSA Podcast Ep. 153: Winning Streak Highlights

The Yankees almost went 6-0 over the previous week again, but we’ll have to settle for an 11-game winning streak. That’s OK!

PSA Podcast Ep. 152: A win-win-win-win-win-win scenario

It’s always a nice time for a podcast when the subject really only has good news around it!

PSA Podcast Ep. 151: Cy Nestor > Cy Cole

What, you didn’t expect Nestor Cortes to be dominating Gerrit Cole on the stat sheets?

PSA Podcast Ep. 150: Opening Day weekend

The Yankees’ first series and a half are in the books for 2022. What are our far-too-early impressions?

PSA Podcast Ep. 149: Bring on 2022

Andrew and Kunj return to the podcast airwaves to preview the Yankees’ long-awaited 2022 season.

PSA Podcast Ep. 148: A Festivus of Forgetfulness

Boy oh boy, do we have some grievances to air about 2021.

PSA Podcast Ep. 147: Electric Boonegaloo

Aaron Boone is returning to the Yankees’ helm, and the Yanks have a ton of work to do after the Wild Card loss.

PSA Podcast Ep. 146: Wild Card Showdown in Beantown

The Yankees survived the final week, and now the season comes down to a pressure-cooker at Fenway. Can they power through?

PSA Podcast Ep. 145: Big G and the Frantic Finish

The ever-so-streaky Yankees seem to have one last winning run in them, but will it last through the season’s final week?

PSA Podcast Ep. 144: More Missed Opportunities

A light slate could’ve put the Yankees in front of the Wild Card race; instead, they’re on the outside looking in. Whoops.

PSA Podcast Ep. 143: Surviving September

Kunj is back from vacation and the Yankees’ playoff position has only grown more precarious. Buckle up, folks.

PSA Podcast Ep. 142: Jeter to Hall, Yankees to Hell

Good times for Yankees of yore, but not the current bunch, which is mired in a miserable 2-9 stretch.

PSA Podcast Ep. 141: Never Trust the West Coast

The Yankees’ winning streak ended at 13, when they unfortunately remembered that West Coast trips are never good. A shame.

PSA Podcast Ep. 140: “This Winning Streak Goes to 11”

The Yankees literally haven’t lost since we last recorded. Sources say that this is a very good sign.

PSA Podcast Ep. 139: The Wild Card-Leading Yankees — Really!

The Yankees have caught fire and suddenly find themselves leading the Wild Card hunt. Who says August is a drag?

PSA Podcast Ep. 138: One Gil of a Rookie

Luis Gil impresses as the Yankees stay hot, but lose even more players in the process. Win some, lose some.

PSA Podcast Ep. 137: Gallo, Rizzo, and, uh, COVID-o

The Yankees added some big lefty bats to the lineup, but also dealt with more COVID problems. What else is new?

PSA Podcast Ep. 136: Trade Deadline Tribulations

The Yankees celebrated the weekend before the trade deadline with a disastrous series in Fenway. Fun, huh?

PSA Podcast Ep. 135: The LaMarre/Allen/Amburgey Era

The Yankees chose to begin the second half in a way that few will soon forget, as COVID and more injuries have brought forth the B-squad Bombers.

PSA Podcast Ep. 134: “Allergic to Sweeps” Week

The All-Star break and MLB Draft have both ended, and prior to that, the Yankees again failed to seal the deal on two West Coast sweeps.

PSA Podcast Ep. 133: Everything Sucks

The Yankees lost a whole bunch of games, their best pitchers imploded, Hal Steinbrenner faced the media, and I went to the beach. It’s a fun catch-up!

PSA Podcast Ep. 132: The Triple Secret Weapon

The Yankees turn multiple triple plays, Gary Sánchez catches fire, and win a couple series! Promising.

PSA Podcast Ep. 131: More L’s and Spider Tack

The Yankees are swept for a third straight weekend and their ace is caught up in controversy. Joy!

PSA Podcast Ep. 130: “This is Fine”

For the second week in a row, we must podcast after a gut-wrenching sweep. Delightful!

PSA Podcast Ep. 129: Happy Thames Have Gone Away

The Yankees offense hits an absolute wall, gets swept by the Tigers, and makes us lose our minds.

PSA Podcast Ep. 128: Kluber’s No-No & the Shutout Streak

Corey Kluber threw a no-hitter and sparked an utterly dominant run of Yankees starting pitching. We endorse it.

PSA Podcast Ep. 127: Please Keep Angering Aaron Judge

The Yankees battled injuries and a mostly asymptomatic COVID outbreak, but at least they’re still generally playing better.

PSA Podcast Ep. 126: Winning While Longing for Luke

The Yankees finished up a strong 7-2 homestand and eagerly await Luke Voit’s return to the lineup.

PSA Podcast Ep. 125: Giancarlo the Two-Hole Terror

Backed by their big boy sluggers and dominant pitching, the Yankees are back to .500. Hurrah!

PSA Podcast Ep. 124: Beware the 3-0 Lead

Since our last recording, the Yankees have been bad, good, and then bad again. Love baseball!

PSA Podcast Ep. 123: Please Refrain From Being Garbage

Bemoaning the Yankees’ woes in their worst start to a season since 1997.

PSA Podcast Ep. 122: The Gerrit Cole Show (feat. The Yankees)

Gerrit Cole dominates as the offense struggles to stay afloat early on.