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Yankees announce Wild Card game roster

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have officially announced their roster for tonight's wild card game and there were at least a few surprises to be seen:

Joe Girardi decided to go with three catchers, giving Gary Sanchez a roster spot despite only getting two plate appearances. Bryan Mitchell has also made the roster, but hopefully we don't see him at any point tonight. If he ends up in this game, it means the Yankees have already lost.

As it was announced yesterday, Rico Noel and Slade Heathcott will be on the roster, likely to provide enough pinch runners for such an important game. It's also nice to see Rob Refsnyder make the roster after an agonizing season that saw the organization seemingly lose all faith in him as a major league option despite Stephen Drew's ineptitude. As I assumed yesterday, James Pazos is also on the roster to serve as the second lefty over Chasen Shreve.

The Yankees have decided to carry two extra starting pitchers, with Ivan Nova likely to come out of the bullpen and Luis Severino there to be an alternative starter or a long man, in case the game goes into extra innings. Michael Pineda won't be seen until a potential ALDS against the Royals.

Who are you happy to see on the roster? Was there anyone you felt was looked over and deserved a spot?